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Islands Transitional Care

What is Transitional Care?

The Islands Transitional Care Program is a no-cost, 30-day, community-based resource program focused on goal setting, informed decision-making and setting patients up for success. Our experienced nurses and medical social workers have a proven track record of preventing and decreasing hospitalizations and setting up resources for those in need.

What can transitional care help you with?
  • Reduce frequent hospitalizations
  • Address chronic conditions
  • Assist with financial applications
  • Address lack of resources or support
  • Assist with obtaining and taking medications
  • Provide education regarding disease progression
  • Assist with advanced care planning

How does it work?

Our transitional care team prevents hospital re-admissions by:
  • Providing medication reconciliation upon discharge from one level of care to the next
  • Setting up resources
  • Assisting with applications for needed resources such as transportation, food resources and medical assistance.
  • Working with other community providers to improve communication and continuum of care
Contact Islands Hospice to see if transitional care is right for you.