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We work together with those we serve to provide comfort and peace, while preserving dignity and quality of life.

Islands Supportive Services

What is the Supportive Services Program?

The HMSA Supportive Care Program is a medical service provided by the Islands Hospice Supportive Services Team to improve the quality of life of those with serious illnesses.

The program offers patients the opportunity to receive high quality, comfort-directed care while they undergo disease modifying treatments. Our team of physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, spiritual care providers, social workers and certified nursing assistants work together with patients and families to create a personalized care plan.

What services are included?

In addition to regular medical care, all our patients have access to the following:
  • 24-hour telephone consultations with a nurse
  • Supportive care-related medications
  • Supportive care-related medical equipment
  • Assistance with personal care needs
  • Medical social worker visits
  • Spiritual support visits

Who qualifies for these services?
  • Advanced cancer stage 3 or 4
  • Class III or IV congestive heart failure
  • Advanced COPD
Please contact Islands Hospice for more information about our supportive services program.