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Mitsuki Ota - Oahu

Posted on September 1, 2019

Volunteer Spotlight

Mitsuki Ota
Volunteers are the heart and soul of Islands Hospice. They offer a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, and an ear to listen. For patients nearing the end of their life, that can mean the world.
Mitsuki Ota, a college student, generously volunteers his time to visit patients in their homes and at facilities. He spends almost a full day every month making his rounds around the island, talking story with patients and providing comfort and support in whatever way he can.

“Traveling around and talking to a lot of people from different backgrounds is my favorite part,” he said. “Everyone has a story to tell and there is so much I can learn from each and every person.”

Mitsuki, who also volunteers at Gilchrist Hospice on the mainland, knows that every person must go through the experience of losing a family member at some point in their life. “My desire to be someone who can approach these situations properly when the time comes is what inspired me to volunteer.”

Though he’s only been volunteering at Islands Hospice for one month, Mitsuki has already had many rewarding experiences. One of his favorite moments was seeing a music performance at our Oahu care facility. “Seeing how the residents of the facility lit up after hearing a familiar song was a joy to see,” he said.