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Maui Corner: Zenaida Baoit

Posted on November 23, 2021

Maui Corner

Zenaida Baoit is a CNA with our Maui team. Get to know her better here!

How long have you worked at Islands Hospice?
One year and two months.

What do you do at Islands Hospice?
As a CNA, I help my patients feel comfortable by making sure they’re hygienic. I take notes and let the nurse know of any changes. I also communicate to the family if there is anything else we could do to make things easier for them.

Describe a typical workday
My routine mostly depends on how many patients I have to visit and where they are located. I go to a patient’s house, do my CNA job, then visit the next patient.

What is your favorite part about working at Islands Hospice?
It is being able to provide care for my patients and their loved ones.

Do you have any special memories/stories from your time working here?
It was with my first post-mortem patient. When I arrived at my patient’s house, the whole family gathered around. The patient had to use supplemental oxygen. They only found out that the patient was gone after I started my care.

Tell me about yourself.
I am from the Philippines and a mother to two children and three dogs. Before moving to Maui, I received my bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Northwestern University in Laoag, Philippines. I worked in the department of public works and highways and then at the municipality. On Maui, I worked for eight years at Kalima o Maui and Arc of Maui as a direct support worker.

Is there anything about your background that inspired you to work at Islands Hospice/in hospice care?
When my dad passed, I couldn’t be there due to the pandemic. I relied on my siblings to care for him. Knowing that someone was there for my dad gave me comfort. I want to be able to provide care for my patient’s families and give them that same feeling.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to spend time with my family and three dogs. When I have time, I also like to relax and garden.

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