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Maui Corner: Jennelyn Chiu

Posted on October 28, 2021

Maui Corner

Get to know our Maui team! Jennelyn Chiu is a LPN on Maui.

How long have you worked at Islands Hospice?
Three years and four months.

What do you do at Islands Hospice?
As an LPN, I work in the field and at the hospice facility. When I’m at the hospice facility, I work as a staff nurse. I care for several patients, attending to their needs, making them as comfortable as possible, and providing them a high quality of life in their remaining days. If I’m available, I also help cover SN/AV in the field.

Describe a typical workday
When I wake up, I first check my email for updates and to see if there is a change in the scheduled visits. I am a floater, so I do work in hospice houses and do fieldwork as well.

What is your favorite part about working at Islands Hospice?
I love driving to my patients and admiring the scenery. It’s so magical, and I’m amazed at all the beautiful living things. I didn’t know there were places like that. My favorite part of working at Islands Hospice is that each team/discipline supports and collaborates well to meet the goals and needs of the patient through their end of life.

Do you have any special memories/stories from your time working here?
I am constantly gaining more relatives by the heart through hospice. I call them aunty/uncle or mama/papa. Some of my patients and their family members consider me part of their family too, which is heartwarming. However, despite how close we are, I set my boundaries to keep a professional relationship.

Tell me about yourself.
I was born and raised in the Philippines. I received my nursing degree and was licensed in 2013. I did my nurse volunteer work at a government hospital for about a year, working as a floater. In 2014, I moved to Maui because my husband said he needed me. I stayed home for over a year to watch our firstborn. We have two kids now who were both born in Hawaii. They are six years old and 18 months old. In 2015, I started working as a CNA and got my certification and license. I wanted to know how the U.S. health system worked. In January 2016, I started working in assisted living, taking care of primarily geriatric residents as a CNA. That same year, I received my LPN license and jumped into an LPN position right away at the HM LTC facility. After getting my license, my sister told me many times about job openings at Islands Hospice, but I didn’t feel ready yet. I eventually transferred to Islands Hospice Maui as an LPN in June 2018 and have loved it ever since!

Is there anything about your background that inspired you to work at Islands Hospice/in hospice care?
Yes, my sister told me to join her at Islands Hospice. I didn’t listen to her, and I didn’t feel ready since I didn’t have experience taking care of dying patients. The good thing about working in assisted living was gaining experience. I first had a couple of hospice patients with whom I did one-on-one care. In time, I gained insight into how hospice care worked, and I loved it. Every day was a learning experience and a challenge. I ended up joining my sister at Islands Hospice in June 2018.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Family time. My kids love the beach and so do I. We love watching the waves and playing in the sand like a kid.

Is there anything else you want to share with your fellow colleagues?
I am blessed and thankful to be part of the Islands Hospice family. Everyone is supporting one another during this difficult time. I’m grateful for all the experiences and knowledge I have gained from everyone. I love you all!