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Caring for Creatures Great and Small

Posted on January 18, 2023

Makana Pono: Employee Giving Program

Claudia F.

Organization: Cat People of Oahu
Some of the feline rescues from Cat People of Oahu and our Makana Pono awardee Claudia and her cat, Earl
Claudia F, LPN, DCSA, believes strongly in caring for all creatures great and small. As our November Makana Pono awardee, she selected a nonprofit working to ensure the safety and well being of cats and kittens on Oahu.
Cat People of Oahu is made up of a dedicated group of volunteers who work to trap, spay, neuter, or rescue cats in an effort to help combat the overpopulation of cats on Oahu. Claudia has been involved with the organization for about three years and has witnessed the power of social media and generosity of the community to help animals overcome difficult medical issues and live happy lives with loving families.
“When an animal is hurt, injured, neglected or abandoned we communicate with each other to go out and rescue the animal and take them in for any veterinary help they need,” explained Claudia. “Cat People of Oahu provides education to the community at large via social media about the care of cats and promotes a world where every living creature has a right to live free from persecution and harm.”
Reading the stories on Facebook, you can see the breadth of work that goes into rescuing cats in dire situations.
Claudia has been part of our Islands Hospice ohana for ten years helping to meet the needs of our patients and families by conducting audits of our supplies and providing medications and equipment to our field staff.
“I feel very strongly that it is our duty as human beings to care for all beings on this planet and this group does this in a very real and substantial way.”
Claudia is also a supporter of Catopia and National Public Radio.