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Presenting our March Makana Pono Award

Posted on April 6, 2022

Makana Pono: Employee Giving Program

Grace Galapon

Organization: Catholic Charities Hawaii
Mark Imaizumi, Grace Galapon (March Makana Pono winner), Rob Van Tassell, President & CEO of Catholic Charities Hawai’i, Violeta Baldado, Lurline Liu
This month’s Makana Pono awardee is Grace Galapon, a certified nursing assistant at our Honolulu office. Grace is in her ninth year as an Islands Hospice team member, providing personal care and assistance for daily living activities (ADL care) to terminally ill patients

Grace has selected Catholic Charities Hawai’i as her $5,000 award recipient. Catholic Charities Hawai’i exists to carry out the church's social mission by providing a wide range of social services and programs to people in need regardless of their faith or culture. It serves 40,000 individuals per year with a similar Islands Hospice mission of promoting the dignity of each person and helping others empower themselves.

Grace has been a strong supporter of Catholic Charities Hawai’i for almost ten years and has even donated money while attending her regular church service. For Grace, the connection goes beyond monetary donations. She is also personally acquainted with a few employees and has met Islands Hospice patients who benefited from the Catholic Charities housing assistance programs.

In addition to housing solutions, Catholic Charities Hawai’i provides counseling and mental health support, immigrant assistance, senior programs, and many more. Keeping in mind the Hawaiian spirit of ‘ohana, the team at Catholic Charities Hawai’i teams up with parishes, agencies, and community groups to help share their mission.

Grace selected a meaningful year to award Catholic Charities Hawai’i as they are celebrating their 75th anniversary after serving the local community since 1947.

Congratulations, Grace! Islands Hospice is grateful for your nine years of service and we thank you for supporting our overarching mission with aligning organizations. 

Click here to learn more about Catholic Charities Hawai’i.