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December Town Hospice Hero

Posted on December 24, 2020

Hospice Hero

Hospice Hero Town
Aaron Simpliciano
A life-changing event helped set Aaron Simpliciano on a path to help others pass away peacefully with no regrets.

Aaron Simpliciano’s grandfather left the world before he got a chance to say goodbye. This life-changing event left him with a new outlook on life and set him on a path to help others pass away peacefully with no regrets. After graduating from nursing school in the Philippines, he made the move to Hawaii in 2012.

Since then, Aaron has dedicated his time to working in town at Islands Hospice as a CNA. Part of his role as a CNA includes providing care to patients while being attentive to any changes in their condition and adapting to address those changes.

Aaron’s favorite part about working at Islands Hospice is taking care of his patients– which comes as no surprise. Through his work, he is reminded everyday of how he used to take care of his grandparents. He understands what a patient’s family is going through, so he wants to help put them at ease during this part of their lives. A special memory he recalls is when one of his patients kept asking for him and when he finally came to visit, he was greeted with a face beaming with happiness.

Aaron is now studying for the NCLEX exam to become a registered nurse. In his spare time, Aaron enjoys playing basketball and chatting with his friends. He also has a passion for collecting shoes and Funko pops.